About Remember World

We will probably get you alright with yourself; we need you to realize what makes “YOU” and how to develop and enhance that from that point. We as a whole have inert potential that can be emerged in the event that we deal with through self-awareness, self improvement, coaching and extraordinary change.

All we ask that here at Remember World Community, you keep a receptive outlook and plunge into learning. Achievement is an adventure and any individual who lets you know otherwise is basically not letting you know the reality.

Be that as it may, enough about us, Remember World Community is about you.

  • Helping you to become you’re authentic self.
  • Helping you create a fulfilling life.
  • Helping you make the following enlightenment.
  • Helping you know all the more so you can accomplish more.
  • Helping you understand your objectives and desires, and
  • In particular, helping you turn into the BEST “YOU” you can be.

At Remember World Community, my group and I are focused on giving significant self-improvement methods and techniques that are easy to follow and can be implemented and actualized instantly to enhance your life now and make your standpoint about the future all the more encouraging!

We are tired of all the drivel stuff out there; we are enormous promoters of actualities went down by honest to goodness examination and genuine encounters!

We are presenting to you the most significant data accessible to help you enhance in the most essential parts of your life. The tips gave here are intended to guide you to a more advantageous, healthier, happier and more successful life!

We take the Law of Attraction to a radical new level. We investigate mind science, identity attributes, vocation decisions in a fun and noteworthy way. We blend motivation and inspiration with regulated strategies that are intended to unleash the force with you to lead the life you long for!

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First of all, Welcome to our community!

My name is Mahdi Hajji.

I have a mission, and I love doing research about EVERYTHING that has to do with the mind/ improvement/feeling better, and life changing ideas. I use all my resources  to research what makes our hearts beat. What causes us to change.

I share my experience/knowledge/life hacks and everything I have learned, so that my followers can also  learn what I have learned and most importantly, I share my research so that I can learn and get better. My website and Facebook are asking me for updates, good for me so that I can push my research even a little bit further. I also study  the best teachers around the planet and take the best out of them and publish it.

I believe that  the only thing  it takes is understanding, Einstein once said “peace comes from understanding, not by fighting it”  he’s right about that, and it is my promise and mission to make that understanding accessible to make it possible for everyone. Those  who  need it but also for those who don’t need it, it is a nice way to live a life with understanding and it is confusing without it.

I am addicted with the idea that you create your own reality, it’s just like fuel for happiness, success and positive feelings. And I just want to get better in it.

Being able to share this knowledge was tremendously supportive and helpful for my awakening. 

Creating concepts that gives a sense of expansion with in you, concepts that remind you about the good that is on your way, I LOVE IT ! I will invest my time in you today and tomorrow  and in the next month and the next year, and next life.