Are You a Reality Architect?

Many of us have experienced how it is like to feel empty and lost in our lives. As a result, we go through life constantly in search of our one true calling. We question our own existence and wonder whether our lives will ever amount to anything more than ordinary. The truth is, deep within each and every one of us lies greatness and an immense amount of hidden potential. We were born into this world as innocent children and we are destined to leave this world as heroes. We think that the answers lie outside of us but if we look closely we will realize that the answers we seek have been inside us all along. The realization of this universal truth is what enables us to become the architects of our own reality.

Realize Your Own Impossibility
If you really think about it, the very fact that you exist right now is an impossible feat in itself. Literally countless factors have to align perfectly in order for your existence to come to fruition. From the day your parents met, to the world wars and natural disasters that occurred, to even the extinction of dinosaurs millions of years ago. Every single thing had to happen exactly the way it did in order for you to exist today. The fact that you are reading this right now is a magical moment that should be savored in every way possible. Your existence is infinitely impossible, yet here you are. You’ve already beaten the impossible odds of existing, so there is little doubt that you can definitely do it again in your lifetime as long as you realize your true potential.
Live In the Present
Most of us go through life regretting many of the things we did in the past which were either foolish or a complete waste of time. We become slaves to our past in a sense that we keep dwelling on them instead of letting go and moving on. On the other hand, there may be others who are too attached to the future and strongly believe that happiness lies in the future. Look at the present and have gratitude for all that you have today. By being happy in the now, we avoid having to chase for some an idealized image of happiness and become fully present in reality. Only then will you come to the realization that all the opportunities that await you in the future will happen only if you open your heart and live in the present.
It is Never to Late to BeginOne of the biggest regrets people have is that they did not take many risks when they were younger. It is not uncommon to hear people talk about how amazing their life would be only if they were younger. The truth is that quite a number of successful people only made it much later in life. They go through many challenging ordeals in order to make ends meet and it is only through sheer perseverance and grit that they emerge the victors of life, the architects of their own reality. So take that first step today because it is never too late to begin your journey and be the person you were meant to be. As the famous saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the very first step, and it is often times the most important one.
Become A Reality Architect

Albert Einstein once said that “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”. According to quantum physicist David Bohm and neuroscientist Karl Pribram, we live in what is called a holographic universe. This theory states that we live in a 3D world constructed by our minds with everything outside of it being pure energy. Therefore, we have the ability to control our universe and everything that happens within it because our mind creates the very universe that we live in. While people are still trying to figure out the full potential of the human brain, this theory makes it plausible that everything we have experienced since the day we were born is a result of our mind’s seemingly infinite powers.

When we start to understand all these different wonders of human existence, we realize that we are more than capable of creating our own reality and changing our own destiny. Simply by being aware of our potential, new doors and bigger horizons open up for personal growth on a deep emotional level. At the end of it all, life is a journey that is meant to be lived to its fullest, and to know that we have this untapped side of ourselves paves the way for us to come into our own power. Does any of this resonate with you? Because deep down, you are a Reality Architect.



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