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Automatic thinking and conscious thinking

Written by Mahdi

Automatic thinking and conscious thinking.


What is automatic thinking and conscious thinking, I hear nobody talking about it. So far my research I just heard a little about it, but it is necessary to understand it for our growth.

We all think right? When we are facing a new problem, we can’t fix it with our automatic thinking, that automatic thinking are just old patterns of thinking, the world is moving too fast for that.

Like what Einstein once said “we can’t solve a problem on the level that has created them at the first place”

So, we must create a new level to solve it, but how we do that? First of all, it is not that nobody use conscious thinking. Conscious thinking is how we learn new stuff, but most people don’t understand that so they may not use it to solve the problem or to achieve things in life they want, because of that there is a tendency to blame things.  When I put my clothes on, i don’t really think how I’m going to do that like first my right arm then my left arm and so forth, I don’t do that, it is automatic, not really conscious thinking. When you put your own clothes on for the first time, you were thinking consciously how you going to do that step by step.

It is so deep on autopilot, now you can put your clothes on and at the same thinking about where you going to have dinner today for example.

But now we see were our automatic thinking is taking place in our life’s,  what is conscious thinking? Let’s remember !

When I ask you to solve this for me: 2+2=? You will not even think, you already know the answer( and again this is automatic thinking)

Now I ask you to solve this problem for me: 11.987+9.786?, now you must think consciously to solve it, can you feel the difference between automatic thinking and conscious thinking?

This is not something that you need to practice all day, it is something to recognize and then think.

But we saw how fast automatic thinking can solve a small problem, but that 2+2 at the first time we had to it consciously so solve it also. What if we did that with success, happiness, health and wealth? Thinking ourselves consciously to success, happiness, health and wealth until it will become  automatic thinking on autopilot ! you already can imagine yourself how different life will be aren’t you?  we already know how to do it, we already used our inner faculties with great excellence. That’s why all great leaders in the world say, the power you seek is within you !

You CAN DO, BE AND HAVE everything you want in life ! it is simply to get what you want but nobody said it will be easy, only what is required is to think CONSCIOUS in term of what you can do NOW .

Do you what your brain like the most? Automatic thinking, but keep in mind that the brain is not your master, You are the master of your brain, you’re the boss. The power you seek is just at the corner of you awareness.

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