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Can You Feel Good Everyday? Check it out

Written by Mahdi

You can feel good everyday

Today I want to talk about how to stop yourself from feeling negative all the time. I had that and I can tell you it is not fun, to go through your day like that.

There is no life within and it feels darky, having  all kinds of idea’s what you could do but feeling not doing them at all. I am sure this sounds familiar everyone has those moments.

But can you get rid of them? Not that you have to put years of training to get rid of them, is there an easy in the moment thing to do? It is not always easy, but it is simple.

A sense of simpleness will give you the choice to allow it right now or not.

What I feel about the term “feel good”  is that it is misunderstood by  most people they think they need to feel happy and excited every time because it is leading to success and it is true.  So in this article you will learn how to feel good all the time, and you will get a clear sense what feeling good means.

So let’s get started!

Imagine a situation where a person has whiskey on the table almost empty and a gun in his hand, feeling suicidal complete sense of powerlessnes , now that person CAN NOT instantly feel bliss or happy. It is an impossible jump.

It’s like counting from 1 to 10 without counting the numbers in between.  What he can do instead ( pay attention here is the key word) is feeling better from where he is right now. Feeling suicidal complete sense of powerlessness, what is better than that feeling?

Getting really ANGRY because feeling angry admits a little sense of power and control.

Now that this is being said, feeling angry is better than feeling suicidal and therefore it is a positive feeling compared to suicidal right? Tell me if I am wrong.

That’s  is why I feel that the term “feel good” is being misunderstood,  go ahead and tell a suicidal person that he shouldn’t feel suicidal but feel good! What do you think he will feel when you tell him that?

Because of the level where he is at. He doesn’t hear you what he will hear instead is maybe he is right, but I can’t not feel good now no matter what I do and he is going to feel even more powerless.

You can not count  from 1 to 10 perfectly without counting the numbers in between. So, counting the number in between will help and cause you to believe that possible to feel better, and therefor FEEL GOOOOOOOD

The reason why I choose a suicidal person is because it is extreme and it shows you the difference between he difference and it helps, most of you are not even on that level either do I.

Angry FEELS GOOD because before angry it was powerless and that does not feel good. Scale the emotion up and do not think In terms of suddenly bliss or feel good. Instead think in terms of feel better now here you are right now.

Also, don’t try not to express your anger towards a person, they won’t listen to you anyway.

Express it towards yourself because at that moment you do listen to yourself! That is good because nobody knows you better than you do.

Only you know what is best for you, I can decide to show you what is best for you, but it may not be to your liking.  Only you know.

Always truts your inner self<3

Here is a picture to help to get where you are right now to where you want to be.

Following this emotional scale you can feel better every single day and because YOU have the power to feel better and therefore feel good EVERY DAY.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself and make up your own mind.


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Remember – “Difference between loving something and liking something: If you like a flower you pick it up and it dies… If you love a flower you will water it nourish it.Now in other words: like your negativity just like it. It WILL DIEE.”



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