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Collective Consciousness

Written by Mahdi

You have your own personality so do I, when we come together we create a second personality.

It’s like personality A (me), personality B (you) and as we come together, there will be a personality C that is how we are together. We will act and react from that personality C.  I mean how you act and react to your friend is different from how you will act to another friend of yours. A unique personality that you will experience with everybody you know and meet. This works also in a group, let’s say 5 personalities come together, there will be automatically a personality 6 and again this is how you are together.

Do you get the idea?

I wish to taper out how that second personality works, from my point of view.  It’s kind interesting that a second personality pop up, when we are with somebody or with a group of people.   I don’t have wide knowledge of the second personality, but I am still reaching because is powerful information.

We recognize that our sub-conscious mind process more information that our conscious brain. Let’s say if you and I come together, our sub-conscious mind  creates that second personality for us, it’s sort of a field that makes communication between us possible and many more things.


My sub-consciousness communicate with your sub-consciousness, telepathic.

If a woman’s belief that all men are bad, her belief it so hard that here sub-conscious mind  belief it to, she will automatically experience only the badness in men, and every man will show his worst side to her, we must understand that.

It’s happening at an unconscious level. I am making this article to make us all understand that no matter what is coming in our life, we attract it both good things and bad. And it is sometimes hard to accept that we attract it, but if you only understand that our sub-conscious communicate telepathic to another sub-conscious and influence the second personality.

There are people walking on this planet with full knowledge of it and some of them are in the FBI.

Some of them understand it and know how to work with, if they can we can! And some of those stories can go really deep, but that’s not the point I want to make in this article.

Let’s get to the real powerful stuff the “collective consciousness” there are more than 7 billion people on the planet that also means more than 7 billion personalities and all that together, all our sub-conscious minds together, collective consciousness  has been created.

Do you have any idea how much information that collective consciousness is gathering at this pure moment NOW? Think of it this way, what our grand-grand-grand-grandparents, what they experience  in their lifetime, we can now experience it one day and if we go further in our history what they learned in their life time we can learn in a very relative short time and there is even more space to learn more stuff!That is no wonder that everybody experience “time speeding”, is not time that speeds up, but our brain that speeds up. It process that 24 hours much faster than our grand-grand-grandparents. Here is the beauty, if more people are learning about a “specific something”, the easier it get to the rest of the world to learn that “specific something”  just look around you, long time ago people had really hard time to learn a language or to drive a car, now it is easier.

Or look at it this way our grand-grand-grandparents, they did not have planes or phones they did everything with their hands, now they made it easier for us, we can touch a button and talk live with somebody that is on the other side of the globe, now it is easy because they made is easy for us, now we are making it easier for the next generation. But just feel that the Collective Consciousness is expanding RIGHT NOW and always will expand and because it is expanding so much that your consciousness and sub-consciousness is expanding as well because it is tied in with that big part of our creation.

So, we can expand both negative or positive? Which one do you choose today?

Thank you for reading


There is great love for you here,



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