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Do it from the heart not from your head can be the solution…

Written by Mahdi

Doing things from the heart, is not challenging, but making the choice to do so, is challenging. Our head is standing in our way.

Make the choice with your heart and let your head follow your heart!

So what does it means to operating from our head?  Let’s assume you are a teacher, and you must teach someone “something”. You have been taught the “how to method” of doing it. But don’t really want to do it, but you must do it because of your boss or someone else. The “someone else”could also be you… (keep that in mind)

Now, you are with the person that you need to teach him/her something. You are going to be in your head most of the time thinking about “the how to method”. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE PRESENT with the person you are teaching. Yeah, of course your body will be with the person, but YOU are NOT.

Their subconsciousness/emotional mind will pick up your energy. Guess what kind of energy they will pick up? You know the answer… I don’t have to answer it!

But what if you choose to want to help the person, you are in a different place there a different mindset. (This is from the heart) you understand that every person is different and therefore  the “how to method” may or may not work for the person.

Operating from the heart allows you pick up a different method that is designed for this unique person. Do you think operating from the heart will cause you to be more effective?

I don’t know the answer… I don’t know you. Only you know who you really are, only you can give the answer that is effective for YOU. Only YOU do!

So answer the question within yourself, I promise you the answer is right there, and it always has been there. Simply being present and calm allows you to get the answer from within.

Doing/being/coming from the heart is key to being effective.

When you look at sports. A person who is thinking how to do with while doing it is operating from the head. He is going to be in his head and not really present all the time.

A person who is coming from the heart, is in the zone. He is feeling his way (from the heart) that makes him fully present in the moment and in the zone. This is the place where magic happens.

You can be with someone or being for someone. In other words: you can be with yourself or being FOR yourself.

Which one is more effective? Which is one coming from the head and which one is from the heart? I know my answer do you know yours? I don’t know how you operate, you know yourself the best!

You see, you have greatness within you, power and inspiration to do anything you set your mind to!

But LISTEN you do not have to change, if you don’t want to. So don’t force yourself to be changed, simply come from the heart! You will find ease to do anything you want and the time to do it. You don’t have to know, the HOW, simply feel the how and it will be shown to you, through  your imagination!

I hope from my heart that this article has helped you, maybe not now, but maybe tomorrow you will think  ah-ha I was doing it from my head, and you change in that moment to operate from the heart, and see the results INSTANTLY!

I don’t want you to take this big quantum leap, what I do want is to make what a quantum leap is made of.

A BIG change is made of  SMALL changes, am here to help make the small changes! When they add up you WILL have big changes<3
Remember – “staying in your head is the deadline”

To Your Success
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