How to stop screwing yourself over | Mel Robbins

If you are a neurotic who always stays inactive because of millions of possible complications of his actions, or if you are a dreamer who spends his time in fantasies and never turns them into the reality, you will probably like and value this video.

Mel Robbins, who is a married working mother of three, a criminal lawyer and one of the top career and relationship experts in the USA, will teach you how to stop screwing yourself over and to reach your goals. She will make it in smart, effective and entertaining way, so you will not be bored.

More than that, her speech takes only twenty minutes, but it contains so much wisdom that it is quite difficult to be handled. Mel Robbins will discuss the things which might look like universally and well-known, but only a small amount of people really understands their importance in success.

She will try to explain why to do what you want is simple, but not easy at the same time.

This video is about motivation and about everything that forces us to get up from the couch and to follow our dreams. It explains why the common phrase “I’m fine” can be something that does not allow you to feel amazing.

This video is also suitable for people who are interested in behavior psychology, self improvement and for those who value works of Dale Carnegie (it might remind some of his books, especially “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”, but it is more funny and short).

Just start watching and you will get a new point of view on the reasons of your passivity. And if you want to know more about Mel Robbins and her work, you will be able to read her mounthly column in Success Magazine, visit her award-winning blog or listen to her own syndicated radio show The Mel Robbins Show.



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