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I talk about it everyday, but I’m not doing it

Written by Mahdi

I talk about it every day, but am not doing it.


Is this familiar to you? I can tell, you’re  on track to achieve your dreams, but I can tell if we just only talk about it. It will be a long ride, but the most important part is we are moving forward.

It doesn’t matter how long it will take, you’re talking about it. That means we are feeding our mind with and we must keep doing that!

For me it has taken a whole  year talking about it and finally one day I took action, then the actions slowed down, but I didn’t understand myself, it felt really good after I took action.

So if it felt good, why I did stop taking action? That’s where I really did not understand the law of attraction I wanted to hate it!

It makes me feel confused What the heck is wrong with me? If it feels good to take action on my dreams. WHY I am not taking action every day that bring me closer? I know if I just keep taking action I will get to my goals. I will hit the star that am shooting at! I really HATE IT knowing that you can do it, but not doing it.

I have taken something from Lisa Nichols, she said once:

“it is in your vibe, it is in your being to achieve your wildest dreams, it is you that want to reach your dreams, let me tell you it is harder for you not to execute it, you will never get no rest”.

She is right, life is super hard and unmanageable if we are not pursuing our dreams!

Some are afraid that they do not succeed, some are afraid that their dreams can really come true, and I guess, all of you are afraid to succeed if not, then you were not reading this, the universe brought YOU here!

Yes, if you think of it this that way.  It makes facing your fears  more fun and challenging.

It is a very good idea to hold it in your conscious mind because if am not afraid to fail, but afraid to succeed it may courage you to take action now you understand that you’re not afraid of not succeeding but afraid to succeed. And only what It takes is understanding!

That’s all! Einstein said once:

peace comes from understanding not from fighting it!

So understanding equals peace, and peace, calms the nerve server’s system in your body, that also means that your brain can exclude ideas easier!

what is takes it understanding and I will help you to understand! Human actions are motivated by 2 powerful emotions Fear and Love.

Fear – runs away             Love- stays

Fear- shuts down            Love- opens up

Fear – holds us back      Love- move us forward

Fear- Stresses                  Love- bring peace

When we aren’t taking action we fear, when we take action we love. Do you love your dreams? Just say out loud YESSSS I LOVE MY DREAMS!

Choose to enjoy because we are that love, and if we aren’t choosing love we disconnect our self of what we actually are.

That’s why  it feels bad if we not take action. Action will lead us and unite us to ourselves again. Otherwise, we will take action from a point of fear, and you going to give up anyway from that point of view…

Do you understand that?

sometimes you feel the impulse to do it. DO IT it will causes us to grow and to draw something from the inside that wasn’t there before! and that is exciting!

I hope this article will be helpful. And I know, it is gentler said than done, I can merely show you the door, YOU are required to walk to the door, you can’t employ somebody to manage it for you.

Thank you for reading


There is great love for you here,



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