Interesting! bad and good are just idea’s !

Written by Mahdi

Ever discover that nothing is really good or bad? That is precisely the thought about it that makes it look good or bad.  If that is true, then what I am saying is that even drugs are good nor bad.

I mean, we all know that doing drugs is a bad idea, but if we take a closer look we can see that it is just the idea “bad” that makes it bad. Some people who have taken drugs for a long time and when they become clean, they become very happy people.  They have come to  a realization that life is better without drugs, than they value life more.

I don’t require to encourage anybody to get drugs to occur to a realization, I mean a negative opinion is also an approximation that makes the thought feel bad, THAT should also cause you recognize and appreciate positive though and life more!

But because they saw it as bad while doing drugs, the idea bad means it shouldn’t be here, that also mean that your creation should be here, and that is a terrible idea, we create everything and we love to create, but when we take the idea bad in our experience, it brings not only the idea bad also it brings a hole entire psychological structure with it and that is dangerous.

If person delivers a negative thought, that shouldn’t mean that is spoiled to have a negative sentiment, it just leads to appreciate a positive thought more. And it leads to something we like so the idea bad doesn’t really exist at all it just that idea BAD!!!

Test this out when you are in a negative mood, and try to stop and think and just recognize how real a thought appears to you. If a negative thought feels so terrible, only remember that positive thoughts you have given birth in the past, were also super real, they were not only real they were fine to suffer from them at that point of moment because that is what we are, we are divine source energy and everything that is similar to it we call house, being ourself.

So, the conclusion is that everything what you think of it as bad, means that it shouldn’t be happening, it shouldn’t exist. It was your idea, that you have copied by others, your results of life they are your own only, your own creation. To copy “that idea, bad” in your experience means your creation also shouldn’t be here it shouldn’t exist, that’s why I said it bring a hole entire psychological structure with it, that is not serving you or me, the idea bad  sort of locks us up in our minds.

We are latterly creators of our own experience, and we love to create even when we don’t understand that. I wish to boost you to love your creation, and try to consider nothing as bad simply as something that lead you to something  greater because that is the beautiful truth, your universe is never bad and never has been! Just meet with it, when you receive a negative though stop and think again, is not bad to cause a negative though it may calm you down, and it may let you see that life can be more honest without a negative thought because a negative though Is not bad. So throw that idea bad away and lets tape in the idea of goodness that is serving and loving and give us both amazing experience’s  and the greatest bonus is we learn in a much enjoyable way. We all like that, aren’t we?

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