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How The Law of Attraction Works in Real Terms Learn Today.

Written by Mahdi

Here’s the key, you don’t have to know exactly how the law of attractions works because it’s like the law of gratify.

You don’t have to know how it exactly how it works to learn to how walk; you have been using the law of attraction since the moment you were born. But it’s IMPORTANT to know that it is there, the law of attraction is the manager of the universe it  is the framework where everything operates from!

If you don’t know what the law of attraction it you should check out the movie “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. Click the link for the movie <==

The Law of attraction simple is a LAW OF NATURE same alike attracts same alike.

SO if you think a thought for 16 seconds, another thought like it will come enjoy you in your awareness. If you HOLD the thoughts even more, more thoughts like it will come.

So there is going to be a momentum that will have magnetic power that will attract people and circumstances into your life or lead you to those circumstances & people.

Here’s the thing, most people think if they just think “good thoughts” they will attract good things in life that does not work that way…

Imagine this situation; you have stopped at the red light and the guy behind you crash in your car how did you attract that? You tell me Mahdi I promise you I have not been thinking about the car cash everyday to attract the car crash let me explain how you attract the car crash with you thinking.

You where not thinking about car crash car crash… Let me ask you a simple question how did the car cash made you feel? You might say; it made me feel fearful about death. Now the second question what have you been thinking in the last couple days or week or even months that made you fearful for death? And you eyes get big really big and say; yes yeah my grandmother was in a hospital and that made me really fearful of death… fearful of death…

Now couple days/weeks or months later you had a car crash that made you FEEL EVEN MORE fearful of death. That’s how you attracted the car crash with you thinking.  Let me clarify here.

Every thought has a feeling behind it, we can say that every thought has a vibration (feelings) behind it and it is that feeling that attracts things. Not the other way around!email

People come to me and say that they have been thinking everyday about their goals and dreams and 2 years later they not have been getting closer to their dream/goals. (Go here to discover the difference between a goals and dreams)

Here’s the point if you think of your goals/dreams and you don’t feel happy or inspired than you are focusing on the lack of it. and guess what you are going to attract people and circumstances that are going to let you feel more the lack of your dreams and goals.

If you think everyday about your goals and dreams that is GOOD because that means that you really REALLY want it, you are focused only in a wrong direction, so use this knowledge NOW.

If you use what has been told in this article you will getting impulses to do things towards your dreams WITHOUT EFFORT, your actions will be pleasurable .

You know that this works by instinct alone because you have been using the law of attraction since the moment you were born. USE IT today and experience it for yourself!

I really hope with my whole heart that you going to achieve everything you desire and make the planet a better place, I love you and thank you for reading!

Much love your way,




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