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Leadership: A Simple Definition You Need to Know

Written by Mahdi

A leader is someone can guide/lead/direct a group of people effectively. This is what people want to understand about leadership, but they miss one other definition of leadership.

You can’t be poor and teach someone else how to get rich… In other words you must be able to lead/guide or direct yourself FIRST. Otherwise you will be that poor person who is teaching people to get rich.

Let me tell you a secret: you won’t be effective as you think you going to be…

It is important to be a leadership yourself, even though you don’t have a group people to lead. The only thing that is required in leadership is just one person.

And that person is YOU.

You don’t need to have a group of people to possess leadership.

Leadership role is important if you want to achieve your goals/dreams. It is your goals you want to be achieved, not other people’s goal…

This is so important to understand, most people think leadership is only for people who are leading/guiding a group of people. That is not the case.

A good leader is already able to lead other people because he or she can lead/guide himself or herself towards ANYTHING he or she want.

does it make sense?

Of course is does! If you have children and you want them to have the best life. You need to guide yourself first to the best life in order to pass it on.

You must have gone through it first, so that you can understand your children position. This way you can KNOW what they need. Otherwise you will be giving them wrong information that is misleading. You won’t understand why they don’t understand you.

From the other side they will think the same about you. Since that being said, those patterns apply also toward YOU and YOU.

But Mahdi how can I lead/guide myself to something I never been gone through it? The answer to that question is simple: You have gone through things that are SIMILIARE. You have learned YOURSELF to write, to read, to walk, maybe even to dance.

So, the category of “achieving things” you already did, you must be able to pass it on to this new self.

Talk to yourself, ask question and answer them yourself!

You are already a leader, and like me I do forget that sometimes. We need to pick our-self up and start again.

So why does talking to yourself CONSCIOUSLY MATTER? You can answer that question yourself. Your DNA has the answer because you may not remember you grand-grandparents let’s say from the year 1500.

You CANNOT remember them, but their nose is right on your face! This is the proof that you DNA knows more things than “you” think you know. The only thing you need to do in order to get the answer is to pull the answer out of yourself.

By asking question and answering them YOURSELF. Let me show you how simple this is, and how you can apply it to ANYTHING YOU WISH. you already know this and I told you sometimes we just need to remember…

Here is a real life example in my own life.

Before I stared this website, I didn’t have any websites. I never made one, I do not know how website codes works, NOTHING! So I started to talk to myself consciously and ask question consciously.

ME: I want to share what I have learned from life to people who can benefit from it, so where do I start?

Me: You can start making videos and share them or start a blog, so which one feels best for you Mahdi?

ME: I feel that a blog would be nice beginning, but I don’t know how to make a website do you Mahdi?

Me: I may not know “the how” Mahdi but there are people who do know how and they can teach you so that you can teach yourself “the how”

ME: Yes is got that, I may not know the how but “the how” will be revealed when I take the steps.

Me: that’s right Mahdi, most people stop because they don’t know the how, so why does it not stop you from making a website?

ME: because I don’t have to know how..

You see, do this! Call yourself BY NAME there is a good change you even going to inspire yourself because you are getting answers from the BEST TEACHER, the real SOURCE and only you know yourself the best no one else!

Just pretend that you are the best teacher on the planet and let that teacher talk to you. Or SEE yourself from a 3rd viewpoint or just act you are not yourself but someone else and start interviewing/guiding.

Just have fun with it and be playful, because that is an important part of the process.

When you going to do this, speak it out loud from your mouth, this way you effect the cells in your body on a different level.

Ever recorded yourself and heard your real voice? Is sounds differently than if you speaking it in real time. The sounds that comes from your mouth go also through your bone that why is sounds different and effects the cells even deeper.

Ask, Ask and Keep asking.

When I went to google to look for how to make a website I went to different websites to get different answers and idea’s after that I ask myself out loud question. Even you do not remember all the information there is a part of you that does and organize it.

Relax and just do it. You may not get the right answer then ask another question until the answer FEELS GOOD. Your feelings is a biological system and makes complicated calculation when the answer is right for you.

Your feelings will give you a green light. You may not understand how your legs works in terms of electric impulses and blood pressure that has been send to your legs to walk.

That is the same with life itself… you don’t have to understand how it works JUST WORK IT! Just like walking, how do you walk? You just walk right step by step.

Talking to yourself and asking questions this is done by all the great leaders! Martin Luther King, Nicola Tesla, even Hitler and many more leader.

And yes Hitler may be a bad example but he could lead millions of Germans to make the war happen. If those people could make big achievement in history by leading/guiding/directing themselves by talking to themselves out loud and asking question and getting answers from themselves that are effective. Sure it be effective to the world itself.

If they can do it YOU CAN DO IT, to achieve anything you want as long YOU are the source for your own action/idea’s/inspiration or movements.

Ask yourself today, how can I get motivated and inspired by the long term? And try to answer them yourself and if you are honest to yourself. You WILL get the best answer EVER! And that without google hahaha.

Though! Remember that if you do not get any impulse about the answer, just tell yourself that there is a part of you that DOES know. Immediately after remembering that. THAT part WILL begin to take over and just hand the answer to you.

Take life little lightly don’t be too serious, have fun with this and I promise you the more you do this the less advice you need from others. Advice from others are good because they help you to FORM YOUR OWN ADVICE in term of what is best for you to KNOW/DO.

Google may not have the best answer but yourself/your DNA has it all! I promise. Experiment with this make a mistakes consciously! This way you going to know more about yourself.

If you going to do this the whole day with yourself asking and answering the question, you will be AMAZED how good you really ARE.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for others awesome lessons not from me but from YOU.

Remember – “a master is someone who has mastered the basics AND STILL IS PRACTICING THEM ”


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