Look for things that you WANT to see

Written by Mahdi

Look for things that you WANT to see


We all have times that we just feel bad, we are thinking about the stuff that makes us feel  bad. We are conceiving of how bad it is, it’s like we at totally in trance with an idea and it is tough to just witch your feelings at that time.

It cost me a bunch of readings and a lot of video’s and a lot of seminars to understand how I can get rid of those negative mindset when I receive them.

It’s very annoying when you are in a negative mindset and knowing that you can get rid of them, but you are not getting rid of them, it can be even more annoying!

If you ask yourself the question how can I get rid of those negative mindsets, when am in it? It is not easy I can tell you that.  It’s more respectable to prevent  them before they get in.

But I have found that I can be easy if you only advertise yourself a little bit to think about what you do want, not about want you do not want.  When you feel bad your emotions are feeding a signal that you are not thinking thoughts that harmonize with the core of your existence, because of that you are causing yourself to be disconnected from the existent being that is you, the disconnection between you and you will always feel bad.

YOU were born to let the essence of you show you the greatness of spirit, you were born to have fun in this life, you were born to create your creation and enjoy that creation. Hence, it’s very consistent when we stop the determination of our essence consciously or unconsciously, it is very fair that our essence that is within us causing us to feel unfit.

We are not feeling bad because something outside of us is getting wrong or something outside of us is not happening the way we wish it to take place, it is because we are disconnected with ourselves.

In my personal experience, I have sometimes trouble with that, but when times passes it gets more comfortable for me to change it quickly.

Hence, this is what I manage to take rid of this negative mindset when I’m being in it. Just stop and THINK and say: Wait this is important that I feel bad am thinking thought that not harmonize with the essence of me and then start making momentum,  looking for things that I want to see or the easiest way look what did make me happy in the past, when you find one thing than look immediately  for another and then another until i feel better and then I allow myself to think back 3 years ago where I was, and then I look in my presence where I am now, it gives me peace with the presence.

3 years are a lot of days,  everybody learns something it can be a little or it can be much, but that is not important, what is important is we did grow, we did learn much more than we realize.

When I’m doing that, the negative mindset is gone! And then I am in a nice present state to leave myself more of the goodness of life into my spirit!

there are thousands of methods available out there, and I trust that this one will help you to trade more frequently and quicker!

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