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Making it Easy to Win by Making Your Own Rules…

Written by Mahdi

I’m going to keep it short.

If I explain you WHY making the rules is going to make your life’s easier. Is going to take days of study and training.

But I’m going to give you a shortcut, and START doing it TODAY and experience the results by first hand directly. THIS IS GOING TO BLOW YOU AWAY, when you really start doing it.

There was a day, I got a day-job (WHOOHOOW) I scanned what someone was doing, and ASSUMED that what he was doing is going with the rules of the company. He smoked behind a big welding machine, I thought he was the only one smoking and it’s ok to smoke there.

I did the same thing, and luckily another colleague told me that is was not allowed to smoke there. If they catch you, you will be fired… I immediately stopped doing that.

It was my first day man…

I remember thinking at myself, why did I? I KNOW that in those times isn’t allowed so smoke anywhere inside. I felt a like; I didn’t have any control about my life. I didn’t even told myself that is was ok.

I ASSUMED that that were the rules…

I hope you all can feel me here and relate to it in some way or form to it.

We are all making the rules in our head anyway….

Yes we do, I made that rule my own, even though I assumed it. It is because I assumed it I made the rule my own.

It’s weird to tell you to make the rules because you are making them anyway whether assuming it consciously or unconsciously.

Here’s is the point:

Assuming or making the rules what they are EFFECT US in every way.

It effect your feelings, it effects your thoughts/attitude/motivation. I MEAN, it latterly affects us in every way imaginable and unimaginable.

I’m building now a foundation so deep  that the building can be really high. I want to make this so crystal clear for you that you really are GETTING IT and continue to get it. While you are going to apply it today.

You can be in control of every moment of how you want to think/feel/live. Even if you make a big error. (this is because of the rules your make in your head that’s why you view it as an error in the first place)

You are going to create “error” in such a way that, when you make the “BIG ERROR” is has a inside core that CAN/MAY cause to be benefited by the error for the rest of your life.

And make it a blessing when you going to view that error in a new unite of time. Seeing yourself thinking WOW if I didn’t made that error I wouldn’t be blessed RIGHT NOW.

If you feel my passion and what you are attraction right now? Say in your head or out loud: YES AM READY I CAN FEEL IT.

STOP don’t read this article further and say: YES AM READY I CAN FEEL IT.

At least close your eyes put your hands by your heart and feel it. Ok now go do it and come back…

Whether you did it or not YOU  are making the rules anyway.

So why not set the rules in such a way that you can WIN easily, all the time? When you go with me to the spa center. We go into a massage/swimming/sauna and after that playing one game of basketball.

If you are with me, am going to make the rules. So that this whole day can be really relaxing and mind-refreshing.

I’m going to tell you we need first to get a message after that we going to swim a couple times. After swimming we going to take a sauna. After the sauna we going to play one game of basketball and you must a least miss 10 shots. Otherwise you lose the game and don’t have relaxing mind-refreshing day.

Do does this make sense to you? I hope you do. I going to have an awesome day because I give myself the rules “how to” that are easy to follow, especially missing 10 shots by basketball because I know am not good at.

Even if am not good at, I still WIN because I made the rules. I going to feel good and happy anyway!

Let’s say I didn’t made the rules. There would be a good change that am going to have a bad attitude when I miss 10 shots. My conversation in my head would go like: Mahdi what’s wrong? You got a massage you went swimming, and sauna you got relax and now suddenly you aren’t.

This WILL lower your self-esteem and higher your doubts. Because there will be other rules in play which is going to affect us anyway.

Let me give you another real life example.

I told myself am going to clean my room today. What does cleaning my room means?(when you set a goal small or big  you need to be specific)

I’m going to clean one corner of my room today, you take everything in one corner and throw it  away in another corner hahah….

Most of you going to think this is really silly but guess what I WON! I feel better now about myself. I made the rules SO EASY for myself that it would be easy to win and get it done.

This is funny about making the rules, even though they are easy. You feel good doing them and there are times I feel so good, I did my whole room anyway!

Now I didn’t expect that! I set a goal I achieved it and felt so good that I have done more than I asked to do. THIS ladies and gentleman will cause you happiness and confidence to skyrocket!

A short “why” making your own rules is key to your confidence.

When you have success, how is going to make you feel? You are being/feeling more confidence.

When you have confidence, what does it creates within you? More activity means more action, MORE action mean more results. This more activity creates also better habits and better habits creates a better YOU. This is cycle, so let we clarify even more.

Success creates ==> Confidence. Confidence creates ==> More Activity. And activity creates==> Better habits more results and actions which create more success.

The reverse of this works also.

Lack of success creates ==> Lack of confidence. Lack of confidence creates ==> Lack of activity. Lack of activity creates ==> Lack of better habits, lack of results.

What happens when a team is losing, and they had just little success? You will see more activity which mean they had little successes. More confidence can cause one member of the team saying: Hey man! We can do this, we can come with a comeback.

And again explaining you why this all works is going to take 1000’s of articles and training. This is just a short why this works. You going to learn more by just making the rules and experience it by yourself firsthand.

You never really going to get it fully, you are ALWAYS GETTING IT. this is just the top of the iceberg.

But this can all change when you make your own rules, in such a way that YOU always and ALWAYS WIN and always are having fun while winning. Because if it is not fun why are doing it for?

One last hint:

Thomas Edision who made the first lightbulb. Failed 10.000 times before he succeed. He was asked why he failed 10.000 times. Thomas said: I didn’t failed 10.000 times, I successfully found 10.000 times how a lightbulb won’t work…

He knew there are only so many ways to fail, he KWEW every time he failed he came closer to the lightbulb that would work.

Success is going after failure to another failure without losing excitement. How is this so? Because Thomas Edision made his own rules….

I know for sure if you going to apply what you have learned in this article, your days is going to skyrocket. Just think 10 years ahead how much confidence would you have?


Remember – “a master is someone who has mastered the basics”


To Your Success



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