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Manipulate The Self

Written by Mahdi

Manipulate the self.

There is one problem with ourselves, and that is our self, and there is nothing outside of us that will fix our problem, they may show you the door that’s it. It always starts with you…

You may say, but he or she did that now I can do it anymore. He or she is not the problem, it is the thought about them, that is the problem, it’s like a kid that loves her teddy bear and she gives the teddy bear a whole personality and act like the teddy bear is alive.

Now the same style you give he or she the personality (the thought about that person) it’s not then, it is the personality you created about them, you can say: but there are a bunch of people that think the same way like I think. I can tell you If I brought thousand people to listen to their opinion about he or she, believe me, you will hear a lot of different stories because everybody created their own personality towards a person.

It all starts with your own brain, your brain controls your heartbeat your health, your way of thinking and many other things, and you can change that, because you are the one who thinks the thoughts.

You must drive yourself a little bit to the thing you want to witness in life, by that I don’t mean to force things outside yourself, what I mean, force your thoughts to think good feeling thoughts, because the good feelings equals good results, your emotions will follow the flow of your thoughts, your imagination then will force out the emotions. The emotion will cause the body to move into action.

Let’s do this on a symbolic level, let emotions represent  a train, and your thoughts represent the rails, your destiny depend on your rails, your emotions will take you there. In other words, your emotions is a feeling a movement it is the feeling that moves the entire body into action.

Here is another analogy that will make it all clear, why you need to manipulate yourself.(and remember we all manipulate our self to do the thing that we don’t  want to and get the results we don’t want to have, if we can do that with bad results than we can do it differently to get good results that we want to see)

If I ask you, do you write with your left or right hand? You say right, I give you a pen and a paper to write your name on the paper, and you start writing your name on the paper, great! Now write your name with your left hand, you start noticing that your brain start to feel uncomfortable and it will start to doubt, maybe they will think I am not a good writer or what my friends will think of me?

You see you have manipulate yourself to write with your right hand  or programed yourself to right with your right hand. And anything outside of the program/manipulation is going to feel uncomfortable, our whole society lives  in a certain way, where it is normal to look for negative things  to complain about it so long, that it will become their ultimate reality in their lives, and everything outside that program will feel unconformable.

just realize that seed of a beautiful flower has started in the dirt and it pushes/force itself to grow and shout out of the ground  and to became a flower for the rest to the world and to enjoy. Look around us there is a lot of bullshit going on, can you imagine how life will be if you start push your self from the dirt?

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