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Let’s find out what the definition of momentum is. Momentum means force or speed of movement, here is a sentence that make it more clear: “The car gained momentum going downhill” let’s imagine a car is on the biggest hill without any person in it, and it has no brakes, the car will automatically go downhill,  when times passes, the more momentum it will have the harder it gets to stop it. And I can’t think that there is a soul on the planet that actually wish to suffer  at the end of the hill and trying to stop the car.

Now…  That is precisely the same with emotions, the more attention you give a particle emotions the momentum it will hold, and like that car, if it has enough momentum it is just hard to break it.

This will work with negative as well with positive emotions. We may now understand that for some people it is just hard to switch from emotions because they have built big momentum’s, that’s why I have big respect for those people because I understand them, they are doing their best to get rid of those “not serving momentum’s”  and they deserve respect, they need that so that they may realize that if they have more self-respect that they can make a different momentum that serves  them!

Abraham hicks talks a lot about it, about how we can switch momentum’s in our perception to gain benefits for ourselves. When I got that idea coming into my mind, I started so use that understanding because I finally understand why it is sometimes hard  to stop a negative emotion that is hanging around, that doesn’t means that I never have bad days but at least I understand, it’s like that my mind understand itself more and it is able to give me courage to stop it, the mind is always seeking balance. Even if that car is going really fast that doesn’t mean that it can’t be stopped, the beautiful truth is that I can be stopped!

I hope that this article will give you the courage to do so! To think more positive thoughts that connect with good feeling emotions.

And then that the good feeling momentum can be built up, and simply imagine yourself. If good feelings have gained enough momentum’s, then you will be laughing, that is difficult to switch. Know that you enjoy this article because I enjoy writing it. I have built today a good momentum of feeling good since I woken up. That is the best time to make up your momentum for the daytime, and we know if we wake up with a positive thought, unite with a positive emotion, in that moment you start to attract more thought that are connected with that belief  and that momentum will be a magnet for all the good that is on your path!

And we have heard it often, this quote: either the day controls you, or you control the day.

I like it do it sometimes different, do not control your day, let the good feeling momentum control your day!

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