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The one key you will ever need to live a life you really want.

Written by Mahdi

There so many ways to get the things you want in life. The same way that there are millions of ways to go Rome.

It doesn’t  matter what we want… We all want them because we think we are going to feel better of having them.  Why not taking a shortcut.

Let’s think thoughts that makes us feel better right now in this very present moment.

By just doing this you will get to a level where you allow what you want to happen. This is what you will learn from this article,. So let’s get started!

We are not getting happier by getting things. It only seems that way. The reality is we only get happier/better by BECOMING the person who is going to deliver the things you want from life.

This is the place where you really ALLOW, this is the moment when happiness is going to rise. It’s about the person you become. So what are you becoming?

This is the only thing you need to know! Nothing else…  this is the key to everything.

Why is this so? We all heard it that happiness is the key and that happiness comes from within. This is what I have discovered and have been discovered by millions of people and still counting though.

I wish you to discover this in this article.

Imagine this, all the things you want from life. A better house, better car, a better income, more fulfilling relationships with your friends/family/coworkers, more traveling, in other words just a better life than where you are right now.

A better life is going to cause you WHAT? To feel BETTER about? YOURSELF.  So you put those dreams at a dimension of feeling better about yourself. You  first become the person who is feeling better about yourself. That’s the first step and the person you are becoming is going to give you everything you want in life.

Sounds simple, isn’t? It is simple and sometimes it’s not easy, but at least it’s SIMPLE.

Feeling better is the only thing that matters, you can have everything, the cars, houses, the travels and still not feeling better about yourself.

So feeling better MATTERS! There are a lot of secrets out there on the internet on how to get what you want and they can be complicated! If you want to make it really stupidly simple.

FOCUS how you feel every minute of the day and guide it to a better place. YOUR THOUGHTS cause you to the way you feel, YOU going to think thoughts that are in HARMONY with who you really are!!!

How do you know you are doing it right? Your emotions will let you know, I can’t tell you if you’re doing it right. Only YOU KNOW  and only you can tell.

Be honest with your self. When you are excited, relax , happy, taped in turn on, in the zone, just really in the present moment having the best moment. The brain works better, life works better, the communication with anyone even with yourself works just BETTER, the business, your work.

When you get a hang of this, you will get inspired to do stuff you always wanted to do! You find yourself taking action, not because you need to but because YOU WANT TO.

And the activity will be pleasurable! You don’t even care about the results because the action is so much fun to do and you want to do more of.

YOU get in the zone of who you really are and in that moment YOU KNOW and you feel it in every cell of your body that the things you want are coming! You feel the excitement, happiness because in  that moment YOU ARE BECOMING, preparing, making it happen and just a little tiny movement  towards the person that is going to deliver your dreams and MORE.

FEELS GOOOOD, it feels like a release and you feel that the blocks you have is is being destroyed AUTOMATICALLY.

So, what is the price for this? Your Happiness, your joy, your positivity your enlightenment and consistency!

I know guys, it’s a big price to pay, but it’s so worth it!

Remember – “a master is someone who has mastered the basics”


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