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Surprising Facts About Experiencing It By First Hand

Written by Mahdi

Knowledge that comes from experience is the most accurate knowledge we can get. Most people are missing this very simple concept.

I have a surprising fact about this, you may find it really handy. This article will also enable you to get started with any goals/desires/dreams you may have.

Remember that I’m talking from experience, so let start!


  • You learn 10.000 times faster by just doing it.

Most of you read books, are going to seminars/events to change your life for the better. Sometimes we feel that we are missing some hidden ingredients that can  “really” enable us to make this quantum leap. Or maybe you are thinking that you need just a little more training.

This is a delusion and is stopping us from moving forwards…

Let assume that you want to learn how to cook something. You can go to 1000’s of seminars or reading 1000’s of books on how to cook.

Still at the end of the day you’re not cooking… because of it we may think that we need more learning through books/seminars and we keep doing nothing at the end of the day.

Trust me, you will learn more by just reading ONE book or ONE seminar and then go to the kitchen and just START cooking!! It does not matter if you got the understanding of cooking or not…

By just doing this one thing. You will learn more than the 1000’s books + the 1000’s seminars all together.

THINK ABOUT THIS. The same thing is true for learning about success or ANYTHING. Reading and going to thousands of training and still at the end of the day you’re not successful

You may not know everything you need to know, but you do know ENOUGH to get started. To begin the game of life!

This way you can finally find out what works or what doesn’t work for YOU. We are all unique individuals and the same thing may work for you but does not work for the person next to you. When you test the knowledge in real time you got just from one book or seminar.

The teachings you learned may work 100% but you didn’t enjoy the process. Now you ready to read or go to the next seminar and learn something different that you do enjoy.

This way you find out who you are and who you really can be! Instead reading and going to seminars all the time without finding out what works for YOU. This  only happens through EXPIRIENCES.

I may know a lot about how people work and how they  think. That does not mean that I know you well.

Only you know YOU, nobody else can know YOU more than yourself!

Experience is the mother of learning and it will be the number 1 teacher of all time.

Think of this: if by doing it will cause you to learn more than the 2000 trainings in ONE DAY. That means that you can make MORE quantum leaps in the upcoming days than you did in the last 10 years.

That is exciting! I know that you know THIS! Now you are really ready.

you may not know it all but you do know ENOUGH.

just close your eyes and FEEL IT! Feel that you know enough to make every goal/desire/dream to just happen. Go ahead surprise yourself, you do deserve it!

It may take time, but you do not need to learn anything anymore. You just need to remember YOUR POWER❤

You know ENOUGH! To make this big leap and in reality this big leap is really a tiny step you can take TODAY, or tomorrow or wherever YOU WANT because experience is your biggest teacher.

Here is another article that talks about the difference between operating from our head and operating from the heart.

Much love towards you, I feel you just doing fine and are getting better by the day. You can’t escape from the real teacher who is willing to teach you everything you WANT to know!


Remember – “a master is someone who has mastered the basics”



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