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The difference between dreams vs goal

Written by Mahdi

The difference between dreams vs goals.

Most people think of a dream as a goal but isn’t.

The Dream is the first think you need to get in order to get the right goals.

The dream should be bigger than you and probably should cost 10 lives times to accomplish, because the dream is going to life ford even when you die. A dream is something that should be considered from global view point (Your Legacy).

Like Bobby Jones (golfer) had a dream for his club so big he passed away before he could see the glory of his dream.

Look at Disney, Walt Disney his dream was so big it stills continues.

Steve Jobs had dream for his company SO BIG, the company is worth 19 Billion + dollar today!


You see, you have get your dream BIGso big that it will cost you 10 lives times to achieve.

So how do we get closer to our dream?

Goals vs Dream

Now you can see that the dream is not the road, but the goals it the road to you dream.

That’s why get you dream BIGGER because is going to be bigger than you expected to be, the dream has attractive power, that’s why when you want you dream, the dreams want you and it will attract you.

Your dream is so big that it will OWN YOU; you see look at martin Luther king, he didn’t has a dream, the dream had him.

So what are the differences between a goal and a dream?

The goal is one thing, like I want 10.00- dollars a month, or I want I nice home act.

And a dream has lots of things.

The goal is the road to your dream, it is the way and the dream is not the dream is like fuel that will fuel your goals with passion, motivation and inspiration!

Before I end the article, I saved the best for the last.

You know a good movie engages emotions, can you remember a good movie that just does that?

A movie that causes you tears of joy?  Your dream should engages emotions, if you have that than you on track if not, make you dream BIGGER

And if you need more clarity watch this video below from my best friend Kevin Truedeu and let me know what you think of the video   in the comment section below!





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