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The Stream of information (life changing if you get it)

Written by Mahdi

You know, there is all kinds of information. Everyone is receiving data, there is no stopping to it. You have received information from the moment you were born!

Information colors your experience in every mode, you build your determinations and opinions FROM the information that you have experienced, you cannot reach determinations and feelings outside of the information that you have received, that just won’t make sense.

I mean, if you are surrounded by Spanish people only, you will automatically speak Spanish, you will not suddenly speak English, you are surrounded by the Spanish language (information). That is what I mean you cannot reach conclusions or opinions outside of the of the information that you have experienced.

Those are just small examples, I want in this article to consider the stream of information  into some good depth. If you are ready to get it, this will cause a great big impact on you.

Let’s get a look at people who are surrounded by negative information or surrounded by information that tells things that we don’t like if that happens to us. What happens if that kind of information is coming in our conscious mind it will be directly stored in our subconscious mind (in our memory).

And if we are in the mindset or mood that feels bad, it is likely that our subconscious brain will touch those negative data that were stashed away in our brain, that matches our bad feeling, mindset or mood and it will throw it in our conscious mind, and we will be more aware about how bad we feel.

We all don’t want to feel more bad if we already feel bad, that’s why I say information colors our daily lives and it is VERY IMPORTANT to choose what we let in.

This is really tricky because, people who are more in the negative  mindset, will absorb any information more negatively  even that information is positive.  On the other side people who are more in a positive mindset, they will absorb any kind of information more positively even if that information is negative or they will be motivated by them to do something about it.

Positive mindset or mood is the champion! That mindset lets our subconscious mind work with us, not against us, it sort of project us from living a bad life. A positive mindset allows us to show our greater self not only to others but mostly to our self, if you look back at your own life, for example  a positive mindset has always brought you funny, amazing experience (I desire you enjoy by looking backward at them nowadays). Do you want to see why?? Because our subconscious mind was working in our favor.

Our subconscious mind knows more than our conscious mind knows, we only use 10 to 15 % of our brain, a matter of fact, it is our subconscious brain that takes things to the conscious thinker, then that we can be mindful of them, our subconscious mind is like pure intelligence, and it is seriously like magic if our subconscious work with us! But think back when you were at positive mindset or mood, your words  were working smoothly through your mouth, the exact words that you need to say at that second, it’s like magic isn’t?

There is light and there must be dark.

If there is left and there must be right.

There is a problem and there must be a solution!

The one cannot exist without the other, and then if there is a problem instant moment there is a resolution.  Your subconscious mind knows that, a positive mindset will find a solution 10.000 times quicker than a negative mindset, you can also obtain the answer in a negative mindset, but then you must really PUSH REALLY hard to get it, you must run harder, think harder to find it you see. On the other hand, it is like in a positive mindset it has a natural state of discovering answers and a solution in a very courteous, fun, amazing  way,  then how can I lay out that positive mindset on autopilot?

The answer is simply what kind of INFORMATION you let at daily.

How can I get into that state that serves me? Even when negative information is around me? How can I view it positively? Or what is more likely how can I get motivated by it because not every information is easy to look at it positively, it’s more beneficial to get motivated by them at that point.

How do you want to feed your subconscious mind?

Look into  this little amazing story.

Grandfather tells a story to a child that there are 2 sorts of wolves in us, and they are at war on each other. 1 wolf is a good wolf that stand in the name of love, expansion, and beauty, loves all the things that is good for all of us, the other wolf is angry that stand in the name of hate, fighting, doubt and chaos. The child asks, the grandpa which wolf is going to win? Grandpa answered simply the one you feed the most.

So, which one do you feed the most?

Let’s we take count at a glass full of muddy water, and let that glass of dirty water represents the brain that listen and reads and discover a bunch of murders on the TV and discovering dozens of reports that people lost their jobs, and find out dozens of wars going on in the world and experiencing a bunch of lacks. That glass of dirty water is full of negative, ugly stories that those people feed their minds with. The mind is full negative thing that creates a lens in which you understand life as it is.

That’s why it is easy for the mind to have self-doubt,  because the subconscious mind is filled with negative concepts, most people desire to attain greatness in their lives and before you make a decision that your subconscious mind has already projected it out all the danger, all the things can go faulty.

And little by little it will throw it in our conscious mind when we are on the path of achieving greatness. And most masses will then quit running after their dreams and that is really sad because we all can reach our greatest dreams.

Science has research the brain many times and they have found that the brain is at is optimal performance, not when it is neutral, not when it is negative, but when it is positive and optimistic!

So what happens with that glass of dirty water if we feed our self with just one story that show that one man lived on the streets with no home, no money and no family has achieved just in 1 year time a great life and is helping other peoples to do the same, what will happen to that glass of dirty water?

It will become clearer, it’s like you put some fresh water in that glass of dirty water and now it is a little bit clearer.

In other words

Your self-doubt is just getting weaker, the more you feed yourself with those kind of information the cleaner it gets, the more inspiration and motivation is able to flow through you!

And if we just keep doing that, we will end up with a fresh glass of water, we will end up with clean brain that is able to produce a lens witch we see life as it is, that’s exactly serves us.

And that is how you can earn your positive mindset or mood on autopilot!

Only remember my friends that your brain handle trillions of cells, removes 10.000.000 cells every second and is producing 10.000.000 new cells every new SECOND. You have no idea how amazing you are and what you are cable of doing!

When you put yourself in a positive mindset or mood and you recognize that your brain is performing at the best when it is positive and  it is probable that you unlock parts of your brain that you never have practiced earlier. Simply think how your lifetime will be in relationships, achieving goals, you will not only  inspire yourself but also others around you!  You make latterly the world a better place to be!

I trust I have brought some serious understanding of the stream of information and the greatness that lies within all of us!

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