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The World is changing every day

Written by Mahdi

The World is changing every day.

We all have heard it, that the world is changing really fast, at a speed that should almost shock you.  How technology has changed our life’s and it will continue to change our life’s and it will not slow down.

We are not far off from each other, we are only a couple buttons, and hours  away from each other. First, we had to walk to another continent, now we just  take the plane right? Only imagine about it how fast is has been perishing, there was a fourth dimension that we just used wood to build things, then a time of steel  then we made everything of steel, that are just small changes, merely when the INTERNET was in the air everything changes! I don’t actually want to let the cat out of the bag more or less how fast world is changing, what I want to speak about is everything is easy to access directly!!

I mean we as a species, we have directly access to big data, information that our grandparent did not possess. If they desire to know something they demand to get to a library or to school to fetch information or talk to a friend, But  REALIZE WE HAVE NOW INTERNET.

Billions of people have used the internet, I mean latterly BILLIONS!! But consider about that, there are trillions of different  perceptions and opinions just about one subject!

You can state that the internet is about the all-knowing thing on the planet. (don’t forget that we created the internet and it is the expressing of who we are)

I think that we have entered a fourth dimension that we don’t need schools anymore! We can DO everything we want, BE everything we want and HAVE everything we desire!

But feel this with your heart and head:

If someone wants to be a coacher, there are Thousands if not hundreds, of blogs/videos/seminars out there that teaches step by step how to be a coacher!  No matter what that “something” is that you want to be, there are people out there that already doing it, what you want to do. We can follow them! We can learn from them and much more! the best thing about this is you can choose your own teacher, we can choose witch information will help me, there are thousands of teachers on the internet, and there are more teachers coming!

Think about this one:  Edmund Hillary Tenzing, Norgay Sherpa they were the first one that has been on the top of mount Everest. Before them people tried and died, since Edmund Hillary Tenzing, Norgay Sherpa  Has achieved to be on the top of mount Everest and since they have made a path, now millions of people have been on mount Everest !

Like that “something” that you want to behave or do, there are people out there and a bunch of them, that are doing what you desire to do or get! they can show you the path, they can show you the way!

Like …. Has showed millions of people how to be on the top of mount Everest.

Now that you have heard this, you can make a choice to think about what you want, and Google it!

We have everything we need, every information we need is out there, but it will not come automatically to you, you must go after it! It’s like what actor said in the movie The Matrix: I cannot do it for you, I can only show you the door, you are the one that must walk through it!

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