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This How to Use Negative Emotions in a Good Way.

Written by Mahdi

How to use negative emotions in a good way.

Your emotions are really powerful.  They are more powerful than anything else known by humankind.

Emotion can cause you to really focus. Emotion can cause you to do things you would never want to do, or they cause you to do things YOU WANNA DO. Emotion can mislead you or LEAD YOU.

Most of us are afraid of negative emotion that they feel because they know the law of attraction will bring your more thoughts  like it. You begin to feel them.

And here’s the loop: as you begin to feel them you going to start thinking like the way you feel. The more you think the more you feel. YOU’RE stuck then, in this loop.  (This also happens the opposite way with positive thoughts)

We all know this. So what is the solution? How do we get out of it?

The answer is, do not be afraid of your emotions. Negative emotion is like a raging river, you must USE IT to get out of it. Otherwise, you will die or get hurt.

Negative emotion will let you feel really heavy, because emotions have weight and they can stick in your body.

The best thing you can do is, get them on higher energy, whether you feel positive or negative emotions. Get the energy HIGH by moving your body, scream, shout, move your arms, just DO SOMETHING!

In this way you use your emotions and the moment they are in high energy, you will get a totally different insights, and those insights is what you need, to change it.

This way you show yourself, you’re not afraid, you use it to get out of it. This article is not about positive thinking stuff, this is reality…

Some people say, yeah, if you really positive you also get really sensitive to the negative. That is BULLSHIT; if you really are positive you should also think positive about negative things… BOOM!!!

Here’s an article that I wrote that it explain this in full detail. Am not saying that you should scream and shout towards people and making them mad… Make yourself mad, other people won’t listen to you anyway.

But when you do this towards yourself, you are the one who will exactly listen. “You are in a much different place there.”

Here’s a example from my own life.

There was a day in my life that I went to the mail and saw that I had a really BIG BILLS to pay.  I got so mad at myself; I said I don’t want to live life like this anymore. I AM SICK OF BEING SICK AND TIRED. This voice in my head kept on saying what do you want. This is not what you want. So what do you want?

And I said I don’t want to live like this. My voice in my head kept on saying; what do you want Mahdi? And it kept going, I got so angry while being in that state of mind and I said: I want all my bills paid and 10,000 dollars in the bank, not only once but every month! I was shouting it!

You see, negative emotion can help you clarify what you want. When I got the clarity I felt GOOD even do I was angry. That day I changed, everything went automatic; hundreds of idea’s come in my mind how to fix this.

Powerful day, your success is not the day that is ends, but the day that is begins.

Here’s the last thing that may help you: I you like a flower you pick it up and it dies… If you love a flower you will water it, nourish it. Now in other words,  like your negativity, just like it. It will DIEE. Whatever way you do this, it does not matter. Just admit a sense of power and control over your life. Remember, you always are in control anyway, USE IT!

I hope this gave you some clarity, and thank you for reading <3

Remember – “a master is someone who has mastered the basics”




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