Turning Your Self To Yourself Matters The Most.

Written by Mahdi

Yes Turning yourself to yourself really matter, because you can learn the best success techniques on the planet, but if you are not tuned in to who you really are. Nothing will work…

We all know this instinctively.

When you feel happy, excited and in the flow. Everything that happens seems to keep the ball rolling even more!!

Okay, we all can remember some point in our life that we felt like that.

Let’s be honest here…

It isn’t true when we feel like that? That everything JUST WORKS BETTER. The business works better, the people are being awesome, the timing is good. Idea’s about doing things will come into your conscious mind and make you do them and everything you do  KEEPS THE BALL ROLLING.

Folks, LISTEN… it is not that those events that cause you to feel happy, excited and in the flow. It is the other way around.

It is YOUR THOUGHTS to them get you excited, happy and being in the flow. That only happens when you feel good.

You have the most complicated, advance, precise biological system within your body, holds 15 trillions cells which cause chemicals being released and cause you to feel any type of feeling.

So when your finger is in pain you feel that…

When you are thinking thoughts that are not in harmony with who you truly are , you feel that too. It is really that simple, if you challenge yourself you can play with it right now! And cause yourself to feel good.

We cannot always feel good, but we always can feel BETTER.

It really doesn’t matter where you are, like a GPS system doesn’t care where you are. And our GOAL here is to feel just a little better.

And like YOUR Biological GPS system doesn’t care where you, it only knows where YOU want to go.

The way you feel tells you everything you need to know You always have guidance, sometimes we need a reminder.


Thank you for reading, till next time.





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