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What does stop us from growing? + The Solution

What does stop us from growing? + The Solution
Written by Mahdi

What does stop us from growing? Answer: Not going with the flow of YOU. It is maybe hard to hear…  but not going with YOURSELF is going to cause HUGGGEEE problems in your life.

When you are not going with YOU, it always feels bad and you always feel the separation.  In those moments you say things YOU do not mean and you do things you do not want to do after all.

Let me explain HOW this goes.

When you are in a “negative” mindset. YOU literary become LIMITED in your own resources at that exact moment.

Your brain exists in two atmospheres, the left and the right brain. In those parts you have within them other thousand parts, the same way like our planet is. We have continents and within those continents, we have countries, city’s, and streets and so on. They are all communicating with each other like your brain.

You see, when you are in a negative mindset. You cause those streets kind a stop the communication with each other so to speak.  That is all because you’re not being who you really are.

And you always feel that! Thanks god because you CAN’T escape from a prison if you don’t know you’re in one.

We all have emotions and we all can feel them. You’re thinking thoughts all day long, and behind each of the thought is an emotion.

And it tells you if you are being who you really are or not. Like a GPS system, it does not care if you pick the wrong road, it just recalculates.

It does not matter how many mistakes you make, it keeps recalculating. Isn’t amazing? And your emotion is all about that. The point is not to feel good all the time, but to feel better than you used to be.

And nobody can really tell you that you’re doing the right thing, only you can. A person who feels powerless and has low energy . If this person show some ANGER because  anger admits a sense of power.

Than anger is a better IMPROVED emotion if you compare it to the emotion of powerlessness. This is how you scale it to absolute bliss in life and go through life like a magician, and this is no joke.

When you consciously  guide yourself by the way you feel and focus what feels better instead of suddenly feeling good, that is almost an impossible jump.

Just asking the question; how can I feel better? Your mind will come up with some ideas, maybe not directly, but they will come.

The moment when you feel like happy, relax, curious and everything that has to do with being who you really are.

Guess what happens to your brain.

Your brain starts communicating with every cell in the brain and because you’re being who you really are there will be more electricity flow going through your body and therefore you think more clearer.

You have much more resources here that’s why it feel GOOD and you are tapping into more fuller capacity. That is when you say things you mean, do the things you want to do and have an amazing journey doing so.

Nobody really knows you, only you do. You know what is the best for you and you know that is the best route to take, some people are able to give you advice, but that’s it.

You are the portal, you are the chosen one who will walk through the door. I can show the door. But only YOU know if it is good for you or not just by the way it feels.

And trust me this is 5 minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. Just by doing this process consciously  YOU will benefit and you’re brain will thank you for.

It is not me that is promising it, it is, you’re future lies in your very hands.

Much love and kindness.


Thank you reading



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